You’re Out of Your Mind!

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You’re out of your mind!  Usually, when you hear this, it is not said with love and affection.  It is said with the intonation of, that is very different and uncomfortable for me.

In order to be innovative, to keep improving on the way you have done things in the past, you have to be out of your mind.  How about this for a paradigm shift on that phrase.

You’re out of your mind…meaning…what a novel and unique and different idea!  Way to see things differently, way to go where we have not gone before.  Doesn’t that sound/feel better?  After all, innovation means doing things you have not done before, so you kinda sorta hafta be out of your mind!

Plus this.  Being out of your mind is…well…fun!  Try it! Do something different.  It will help you to start to develop new neuro-pathways!  In order to think differently, in order to be innovative, you have to train your brain to be insane. (Sorry, just love the rhyming!)  But seriously, you do have to do things that are going to be a bit uncomfortable…the first time.

Think about things you do now that are “normal”.  The first time you did them, how uncomfortable were they?  Change is always different, but that doesn’t mean it has to be painful.  There are a lot of benefits to change.

EXERCISE:  Before you institute change before you start to brainstorm something, write down 20 benefits that you and others will receive from innovating.  Now you start to get your brain looking at things from a different perspective and you actually get excited about the coming change.  You truly are, “out of your mind”!

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