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Resonant: when two or more items are in harmonious synchronicity.

When you are coaching and leading your people, you are either in resonance with them or you are in dissonance with them.  What’s the difference?

Resonance is when you are in sync.  You are thinking, vibrating at the same frequency. You are aligned, on the same page, in agreement, collaborating, focusing your energies and talents towards an agreed upon target.

Dissonance is when you are out of alignment, you are not in-step with one another. You are out of step, you are creating friction, which in turn is slowing down the process and creating heat, which can manifest itself as frustration, stress or anger.

I have a quick story that I believe shows examples of these.  First, dissonance.

I was working recently with a new client who has some pretty big communication problems.  No surprise there. Most organizations have communication problems.  So the HR Director decides to set-up a workshop with several of the managers of the organization.

As I was talking to the HR manager about what we wanted to accomplish, I expressed my desire to help them become more aware.  When you become more aware of yourself and of those to whom you are communicating, you have a much better connection, understanding and influence with one another.

She told me, “Yes, we need that, but our CEO won’t let you do it.  He doesn’t want anyone to be able to read him. He wants to remain a mystery.”

“How are they supposed to get in sync with him?” I asked.  “You have to come up with a different way of getting them in sync, without them knowing him.”

Well, good luck with that. This is an example of dissonance.  They are not in sync, not in step. He won’t let them get to know him, the company does not have a strategic plan, and the CEO will not share his vision with his employees.  So everyone shows up to work, does what they think they are supposed to be doing and then waits to be corrected.

Somehow, some way, they are profitable, but they cannot figure out how to grow faster.

If everyone is on a different page, moving in a different direction, you better have luck on your side because that is going to need to be your strategy.

In order to have resonance, people need to not only know why the company or team exists, but what are the primary values of the company at large.  What is the strategic plan and what is their role in that plan.  How do they fit in, why are they important to the success of the team.

To have resonance, it is essential that each person in the organization has an elevated awareness.  An elevated social awareness where they are aware of the people around them, what they are doing and why are they doing it. They need to know how they fit into the picture, what their relationship is with each other and how they all fit together.  It is also important for someone to know what their personality is, how they work together with other employees – how they collaborate.  

There is a second awareness of great importance; self-awareness.  How much do you know about yourself?  WHY you want to be on the team. WHAT your role is in the success of the organization. HOW you learn. WHAT your preferences are. You need to understand how you are feeling at the moment, what feelings you have with different parts of your job and your life.

As you elevate your own awareness of both social and self, and the other people on your team and in your company do as well, you will notice an increase in alignment and resonance.

Start talking about values and beliefs and what is important to each person on your team.  Find the ways in which you are aligned. Find the ways in which you differ.  Create a common goal or objective and talk about (and take action on) moving towards that target. See what resonance you can start to develop!

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