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Because every organization’s situation is different, we’ve developed products and services tailored to the different developmental stages of workplace culture.

1: Core: The Core Stage is where you bring people together to create common purpose and values, and to start bringing your team into alignment. It’s a time of building trust, synchronicity, listening, discovery and getting on the same page. This can take anywhere from a day to 30 days.

2. Activation:  This stage is about seeking understanding. It’s looking at the whole organization – people, processes, customers and financials – from a new perspective. Those in the organization, from top to bottom, will discover their own values and how those values fit into the bigger picture. This can take a several weeks to a few months.

3. Strengthen: This stage is where you learn to actually live out your unique values on an everyday basis. It’s the stage that helps your people buy in and start fulfilling their roles within the organizational purpose. Your culture truly comes alive in this stage, where people are seen, heard and feel valued, and where the feeling of working cooperatively, and being a family, is grown and developed. This process can take several months, during which time the need to focus on culture development diminishes.

Other specific solutions for common issues:

How to Work with Millennials
Reduce Entitlement Thinking
Eliminate Employee Turnover
Culture Lab
Boost Productivity

To know which of our products and services would be most helpful to your organization, contact us.

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