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Driven by her personal mission’s statement “helping people thrive”  Emily Price believes that Conscious Capitalism has the power to elevate humanity, empower communities, and transform the world. In her work as an Engagement Department team leader, Emily supports local Chapters of the global Conscious Capitalism movement to leverage business as a force for good.

Tune in to this episode of Core Build’s podcast to learn about Conscious Capitalism, discover why Emily would rather wash every window in the Empire State Building than vacuum, and find out more about how you can create a Conscious Culture within your organization.

Connect with Conscious Capitalism!

  • Join the global Conscious Capitalism Community and connect with business leaders changing the practice and perception of capitalism around the globe.
  • Attend the Kansas City Chapter’s upcoming event at Gould Evans to discover how local business’ live out the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism.
  • Nominate yourself or a mid-market CEO to attend the CEO Summit.
  • Check out our Learning and Development page and sign up for an experience-based learning opportunity to help you level-up your practice of Conscious Capitalism.

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