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What kind of passion do you share with the world?  What kind of passion exists in your workplace?  Passion makes everything MOREAnd don’t we usually want more of stuff?

Bad stuff, nope.  Good stuff, yep.  MORE.

So, how can you show more passion in life?  How can you share more of what you are passionate about?

I do an exercise with groups where I have them introduce themselves to their partner and just share their name and what they do.  Then I have them introduce themselves to their partner a second time, this time sharing something they are passionate about.

The energy in the room is remarkably higher when people share their passion.  Think about that for a minute.  What if you could give your team a boost of energy?  A boost that would help them to do more, to do it better and to do it faster.

By getting people to share, out-loud, something they are passionate about, it increases their level of energy and that of those around them.  Instant energy boost!

Think for a minute about your Top Run employees.  Top Run employees are the employees that make up your top 10 from a performance perspective.

What if you had twice the number of Top Run employees that you had now?  Here are a few questions for you. If cannot answer them definitively, then perhaps you need to ask your Top Run employees so you KNOW for sure. 

  • What is their attitude that they bring every day? How do they maintain that attitude?
  • What is their driving force?  What is it internally that drives them, that you can accentuate, but you cannot teach it nor can you change it?
  • What is it that they appreciate and want more of?  How can you get them more of these things?
  • If they could pinpoint one thing that helps them be productive, what is that one thing?

How can you take this information and apply it to the rest of your team?  How can you utilize this information when hiring your new team members?

Dream for a minute.  Dream of an entire team of Top Run people.  People that come to work with a fiery passion to do their job, to fulfill their desires.  Think about how your job would be different.  What things would you need to start doing, to stop doing?

Now, go make that dream happen.  Live your passion, every day.

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