Attraction or Promotion?

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Attraction or Promotion?

What do you attract?  What are you putting out there?  Like begets like.

We are all connected and what if I put more positive stuff, energy out there.

Leo’s story in the car.  Dad, I want to do what you do…after I play professional sports for 24 years.

He gets what we do, he gets the energy it gives us.  He wants more of that.  He sees that that is good.  That is what we are emitting and he wants to be a part of it.

When we emit bad, or negative, then bad begets bad.

If you have to “motivate” people, or “promote” your agenda, why is that?  How much more powerful would it be to attract those people into what you are already doing?  When you are aligned, that happens.  We emit an electromagnetic force, which is different depending on what you are emitting.  The different energy levels, the different awareness levels.

We know what we can attract at each level.  This is a great concept to teach others.

When I start to spiral, I go into judgment mode.  How can I  get OUT of judgment mode? Rub my hands together, acknowledge I am in judgment mode and anchor curiosity to rubbing my hands.  Anchor “what is going on here” from a standpoint of curiosity to rubbing my hands.

You are always attracting something based on what you are putting out there.  That is why it is so important that you are aware of what you are putting out there.

If you don’t know what you are putting out there, you are probably not doing it as well as you could be.  You may have some natural talent, now start to add to your natural abilities, some skill development.

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