About Workplace Culture

People define workplace culture in different ways but, to us, it’s an expression of the core values, character and personality of your leadership. This means that your workplace culture is uniquely yours.

That said, if your culture doesn’t truly reflect your organization’s values and character, you’ll see some real benefits from aligning your values, traditions, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes. As we point out in What We Do, (LINK) your culture is actually more important than your business strategy because it either strengthens or weakens your business, and either helps or interferes with your ability to reach your objectives.

What Workplace Culture Is and Isn’t

  • The values of your leadership team
  • The values of your employees
  • The behaviors and actions of both groups
  • How well your people work together
  • How your organization gets things done
  • The intangibles, the things that employees know, even if they’re not written down
  • The shared norms, values and beliefs across departmental lines

Workplace culture does not include:

  • The ping-pong tables, free coffee or other perks that employees receive
  • The mottoes, trophies and inspirational messages in the hallways
  • Employee engagement (which is an outcome of intentional culture)

Key elements of workplace culture:

Purpose, or driving force
Actions and interactions

What others are saying:


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For details on how to intentionally strengthen your workplace culture, contact us.

  • “We are now consciously trying to make sure we are staying within our values in things we do as a company. We are also scheduling times to have fun - which is one of our values!”

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