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For the past 25 years, we’ve been passionate about helping organizations get better at what they do. We started out under the name Excellerant as a leadership development and training company. Over the past few years, our work has evolved and shifted to address workplaces from the inside out. Rather than training managers how to communicate better with their people, we found that what most organizations needed was to define the values of the leadership team and employees, and then help leaders intentionally align and activate a workplace culture around their chosen values. This process includes training, coaching, facilitation, questioning, learning, wondering, creating and more – not in a stand-alone way, but in the context of building a healthy, sustainable culture.

CoreBuild’s three core values are authenticity, which leads to continuous growth while staying true to our real selves; courage, which helps us – and our clients – take the leap of faith required to face the unknown; and innovation, which helps us find new ways to stretch and improve.

Our principals include:

Frank Keck, CEO, who has worked in corporate training, management and organizational development for over 17 years. He believes that workplace culture is important because it helps each individual in an organization become the best version of themselves, helping them and their organization thrive, improve bottom-line results and improve their customers’ experiences. His three core values are love, curiosity and courage.

Jessie Jacob, Co-Founder of Culture Lab and Culture Concierge, who has worked at several venture-backed startups and as a Program Manager for the Sprint accelerator has learned how important it is for startups and small businesses to be intentional with their workplace culture to better achieve high efficiency and company objectives. Her three core values are love, growth and gratitude.

Lidia Young, Executive Coach and Culture Strategist, is a Licensed Specialist of Clinical Social Work (psychotherapist) with 20+ years of executive coaching experience. As a clinically trained holistic professional, Lidia has a track record of significantly and consistently increasing individual performance as well as improving team cohesiveness and effectiveness. She is a seasoned facilitator and has worked with hundreds of high-level leaders, management teams as well as boards of directors and start-ups. She has extensive experience in root cause problem-solving, conflict resolution and management team development.

Back to the company, we recently changed our name to CoreBuild to reflect our focus on the entire landscape of workplace culture, which, when implemented intentionally, helps organizations:

  • Attract and keep the right employees
  • Create an environment where everyone can thrive
  • Bring people together to be more effective and productive
  • Grow by developing more positive customer relationships

If this sounds like the kind of organization you want to have, drop us a line today.

  • "The biggest benefit to us was the exposure to some great ideas and tools that can help companies understand and improve their culture."

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